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Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

It can be difficult for parents and carers to recognise when a child or young person is struggling.  KOOTH have produced a Handy Guide for Parents and Carers to help better understand and be aware of the signs of mental illness.  The guidance can be accessed by clicking the following link: Kooth Parent and Carer Guide

Kooth has produced a frequently asked questions guide which can be accessed by clicking the following link: Kooth FAQs Guide

We are aware that this will be a worrying time for you and for your family, information and advice on how parents and carers can be better informed in relation to a child's mental health during uncertain times such as the coronavirus pandemic can be found below:

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families - published advice and guidance on how to help children and young people in primary, secondary and post-16 settings manage their mental health and well-being during times of disruption to their learning - https://www.annafreud.org/media/11160/supporting-schools-and-colleges.pdf

The Association for Child Mental Health - Released a podcast discussing the coronavirus and children and young people’s mental health. The podcast discusses how parents can be better informed in relation to their child’s mental health and what the situation means for mental health professionals and their ways of working - https://www.acamh.org/podcasts/dr-jon-goldin-on-the-coronavirus-and-child-mental-health/

Berkshire Healthcare Children, Young People and Family Service - https://cypf.berkshirehealthcare.nhs.uk/our-services/children-and-adolescent-mental-health-services-camhs/about-our-mental-health-services-camhs


NHS - Taking care of your emotional health - Taking care of your emotional health 

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