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Important Safety Messages - Children and Babies

Each year children and babies in the UK die or sustain life changing injuries that could possibly have been prevented.

The following safety video’s/information promotes water safety, the danger from open windows for children and unsafe sleeping with babies please cascade this information to parents/carers, teams and colleagues, to help keep children safe through the summer months. Where possible play videos in public/reception areas.

Safer Sleeping for Babies

Berkshire West CCG produced the following video because each year children and babies in the UK die or sustain life changing injuries that could possibly have been prevented. Six members of the London Irish Rugby Club have worked with NHS child safety staff from Berkshire on a video which was launched in London on Tuesday 25 June 2019. The video is called Lift the Baby and is aimed at promoting safer sleeping in younger babies.

The campaign was launched because figures are showing that more than 130 babies die in the UK every year in hazardous sleeping circumstances. For example: where a parent or carer falls asleep whilst holding the baby, this places the child at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). (Please share via social media where possible).

Please see below the Lift the Baby link:


Open Windows

Safety suggestions:

  • Always supervise young children, and keep windows locked when children are near.
  • If opening a window, make sure a child can't reach it.
  • Teach your child to stay away from windows and patio doors.
  • Don't keep furniture near a window that a child could climb on.
  • A screen will not prevent a child from falling out a window

Please see below the Window safety video link:


Water Safety

This short video highlights the risks of leaving babies and infants unsupervised near water or open windows, particularly when parents and carers get distracted

Please see below the Water Safety Link:



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Parents and Carers

If you are concerned about the safety or welfare of a child, you should report your concerns to your local authority. Please click on your local authority link below to be directed to the correct page.

Call 999 in an emergency if you believe a child is in immediate danger

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