What to do if you are worried about a child


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All those who work directly or indirectly with children require some degree of safeguarding training either through e-learning or by attendance at a course. The BWSCP (Berkshire West Safeguarding Children Partnership) provides a blended approach to learning.

Universal Safeguarding Training

The Universal Safeguarding module aims to help you to understand what is meant by child abuse and keeping children safe.  Irrespective of the nature of your work, whether you have direct/indirect contact with children you have a responsibility to help keep children safe.

This learning will provide you with the knowledge to identify and:

  • Understand the different types of abuse
  • Recognise the possible signs and indicators of abuse
  • Know what to do and how to report abuse, if you suspect a child is suffering/or at risk
  • Provide useful contact numbers

The course is set as ‘guest access’ meaning there is no need for you to login and create a password. To access the Universal Safeguarding Training please click: Universal Safeguarding E-Learning Link then Login as Guest, Universal Safeguarding Training, Universal Safeguarding Children, Enter and then the training will load.

If you experience any difficulties using this e-learning please contact: BWSCP@brighterfuturesforchildren.org

Safer Recruitment

The module aims to support you in aspects of safer recruitment throughout the recruitment process. Safer recruitment practice aims to minimise the risk of appointing someone unsuitable to a post where they will be in contact with children, and vulnerable adults, and could cause them harm.

To access this online course via Learning Pool please contact the most relevant Local Authority with your name and contact details.

Safer Recruitment for Schools

We recommend that School staff continue to access the DfE recommended NSPCC  Safer recruitment in education course. This can be found using the link below:

Female Genital Mutilation (e-learning)

Easy to access and speedy registration, the modules contain valuable information and insights and only take 30 minutes or less to complete. You should use your work email address for registration. Upon completion you are able to print off a course certificate to evidence your learning and can be used to support your CPD and HCPC registration.

Site address: https://www.fgmelearning.co.uk/ 

Prevent Awareness (e-learning)

This offers an introduction to the Prevent duty, and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves.

Site address: http://www.elearning.prevent.homeoffice.gov.uk

Prevent Referrals (e-learning)

This package builds on the Prevent awareness eLearning training. It is designed to make sure that when we share a concern that a vulnerable individual may be being radicalised, that the referral is robust, informed and with good intention, and that the response to that concern is considered, and proportionate.

Site address: https://www.elearning.prevent.homeoffice.gov.uk/preventreferrals   

Channel Awareness (e-learning)

This training package is for anyone who may be asked to contribute to, sit on, or even run a Channel Panel. It is aimed at all levels, from a professional asked to input and attend for the first time, to a member of staff new to their role and organising a panel meeting.

Site address: https://www.elearning.prevent.homeoffice.gov.uk/channelawareness


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